11 Uses for Dish Soap That Don’t Include Dishes

Detergent is definitely one of my best friends when it comes to housekeeping. It has so many advantages. Did you know that it is not only fantastic to wash the dishes with, for example? I have found 11 things at which you have to use the detergent for, from now on. I will never do anything else!

1. Let your jewelry shine again.
Mix a little mineral water with detergent and put in your favourite jewelry for about 5 minutes. Remove them from the mixture, clean them with a toothbrush, rinse the jewelry and they look as good as new again.

2. Say goodbye to spiders and ants.
Aren’t you a fan of spiders and ants either? Or insects in general? Detergent is your lifesaver in that case. All you have to do is mix a little detergent with water in a spray bottle and lubricate it on the doors, windows, frames and/or other entrances. Perfect!

3. No longer suffer from flies.
Are you freaking out about all those houseflies with the warm weather as well? Then make sure you have a bowl, spray a layer of detergent with fruit scent in it, mix it with water, cover it with plastic (or cling film), pierce holes in it and you’re done! The flies are attracted by the smell and enter through the holes, but can not get out.

4. Fleas are not resistant to this panacea either.
Does your pet suffer from fleas? Then wash him or her with detergent with lemon. This works so well that many veterinarians use it worldwide too.

5. Get rid of that persistent ivy.
Did you cut that ivy to the ground three times already and does it keep growing? This is the solution: put on gloves and lubricate the plant with detergent. After a few days, you will see that the plant dries out and dies. Is it not working? Cut off the plant to slightly above the ground, drill some holes in the tree trunk, spray detergent in it and the plant will not grow back again.

6. Grease stains are not resistant to the power of detergent either.
Messed with your favourite piece of clothing and did it cause a grease stain? Do not panic. Just spray some detergent on it, rub it with a toothbrush, rinse the stain with lukewarm water and the stain is gone.

7. Ran out of laundry detergent and the store is closed? No problem.
Everyone forgets to buy detergent in the store sometimes. You can, of course, choose to run a laundry again tomorrow. Another option is to use detergent as an emergency solution. Of course it is not the same as a laundry detergent, but it is ideal if you really have to do laundry, because, for example, you ran out of socks.

8. Never suffer from fogged windows ever again.
Spray some detergent on a dry dishcloth and lubricate the (car) windows with it to prevent them from fogging if you turn on the heating with the cold weather. Bonus: the windows will immediately get a cleaning.

9. From now on, you no longer need to call a plumber when your toilet is blocked.
Unfortunately, we all suffer from a blocked toilet sometimes. Do you have to call a plumber for this? No, because the plumber is already at home. Spray a fair amount of detergent into the toilet, let it soak for 20 minutes and gently pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet so that the unblocking flows through. Detergent is heavier than water, so it sinks to the bottom and tackles the unblocking.

10. Oil stains on the ground? Take out the bottle of detergent.
Have you tampered with oil while working in the garage and are you suffering from oil stains on the floor now? All you have to do is spray a little detergent onto the stains and rub it with a brush. Please note that you do not use a metal brush.

11. Blowing bubbles!
The perfect activity for children is, of course, blowing bubbles. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like that. Unfortunately, you run out of cans fairly quickly or they are being run over while playing. That’s too bad, but there is no need to panic! Mix a little detergent with water in the bottle, put the cap on it, shake it and you are ready to blow!