4 Things Parents Need To Stop Doing To Kids Immediately

2. Often eating out.
Eating out is often bad for the family bond. In restaurants, children are often distracted by what is happening in their environment, making them pay less attention to their food and to what is going on at their own table. It is also likely that a child will not get all the necessary vitamins and will become overweight!


3. Doing the children’s homework.
Parents who do their children’s homework often think that they are supporting their children by doing so. The opposite is true, however. Children will not learn anything from you doing their homework. In fact, it will interrupt their personal growth.

  • Solution: of course, you can help your child with his or her homework! Explain the assignment if he or she does not understand it, but let your son or daughter think for him or herself. That way, your child is challenged, resulting in the growth of their self-confidence when the assignment is finished.

4. Smacking your child
Unfortunately, smacking children is still a popular punishment all over the world. In the short term, this will help you punish the bad behaviour, but smacking your child has negative consequences on their development in the long term, as research has shown. Children who are smacked at home have a greater chance of getting into crime later on or getting a depression. As a parent, you do not want that for your children, right?

  • Solution: start with a warning and think of a non-physical punishment in case your child repeats the behaviour.