These are the 5 foods you should NEVER reheat and this is why!

Never reheat these 5 foods!

1. Spinach
Spinach contains a substance that can be converted to ‘nitrosamines’, a substance that can cause illness when it is reheated via the microwave. A safer way is steaming or cooking.

2. Chicken
Chicken is exceptionally dangerous when it is eaten one day after it has been prepared. It can cause digestive problems because the structure of the proteins changes the next day. This is a cause for concern because chicken contains more protein than red meat. Chicken meat must be eaten cold.


3. Mushrooms
Warmed mushrooms present the highest risk to health. They should be eaten immediately after being prepared, or eaten cold the next day. When you eat warmed mushrooms, you put yourself in danger and you run the risk of having problems with digestion and even heart problems.

4. Celery
People usually use celery to prepare soup. Like spinach, celery also contains nitrates that convert to nitrites after being reheated. If you have made a soup with celery, you must either eat the whole pan of soup immediately, or remove the celery before heating the soup again. The same applies to carrots.

5. Eggs
They may be a morning staple and protein powerhouse, but eggs should not be exposed to heat time and again. Reheating eggs at high temperatures (after they have been boiled or fried) can make them especially toxic and wreak havoc in your digestive tract.