7 Warning Signs Of A Potential Blood Clot That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Wouldn’t life be a lot easier if you knew when you would become ill in advance? Not to prepare yourself, but to prevent it. In case of a cold or the flu, it is not possible unfortunately, but did you know that your body regularly indicates whether something is going to happen (in advance)? Now take a blood clot for example.

chest pain

It seems like it is something innocent, but it can have fatal consequences when the clot reaches the lungs or the heart. Actually, a lot of people suffer from venous thrombosis. These are generally thrombosis legs or arms. The moment a blood clot develops in an artery, we call it an arterial thrombosis and it can, for example, cause a heart or brain infarction. It does not sound particularly good, so how ideal would it be if your body delivers one or more signals to warn you of a blood clot? I have good news for you: that is what your body does! On the next page you will see the 7 warning signs of an unusual blood clot everyone should be aware of.