Her House Always Smells Amazing And People Don’t Know Why. THIS Is Her Secret!

1. Lemon-Rosemary simmer pots

Lemon has a great and fresh scent so it comes as no surprise that it is one of the main ingredients in many cleaning and air refreshing products. But did you know that these citrus fruits will not only leave your home smelling great, but that exposure to lemon can also improve cognitive performace, mood and even helps to get rid of stress?


To make your own lemon air freshener, all you need is: a small stockpot, water, rosemary and 1 lemon. Fill 2/3 of the pot with water and add 1 sliced lemon and a little bit of rosemary. Let this mixture simmer all day, and it will fill your rooms with an amazing scent. Now when you come home you can enjoy and relax. You can use the same mixture for about 2 days.