10 Amazing Bicycle Concepts Of The Future

2. The 24/7 City Pedelec created by Phillip Guenther


Designed primarily for heavy-duty urban use, that is being used by a number of different people on a daily basis. This innovative unit has completely new technology when it comes to an everyday bicycle. Start with the interchangeable parts which can be regarded as upgrades, or the hydraulic braking system, no visible drive gears or chains, it is as neat as a pin. You can liken it to a hardened piece of oak, this bike can be banged about without sustaining serious damage owing the design and materials used, the paint will get scratched off course it will. Automated most certainly so you get to ride in comfort and without too much stress and strain on the body.

10 Incredible Bicycle Concepts Of The Future Here are 10 of the Most Incredible, Radical or even Stupendous Bicycle Concepts you will ever see
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