Mom Gives Birth In Bathroom, But Dad Looks In The Toilet And Sees The UNIMAGINABLE!

In 2000 a British woman named Claire started suffering from swelling and paralysis. She was diagnosed with multiple scleroses (MS) at the age of 19. Although MS is incurable, Claire got all sorts of medicine prescribed to her to relieve pain and decrease any other problems associated with the disease.

Five months later Claire started working again while she knew she could suffer from a MS-related attack at any time. After she almost gave up on ever having a meaningful romantic relationship, she met her colleague named Paul.

From that moment on everything started to get better. She fell in love and four years later she gave birth to a healthy son. Luckily, she had a normal pregnancy, but in 2015 something terrible happened and Claire’s disease took over and paralyzed her entire body.


Due to the paralysis, Claire gained 4 kilo’s but her menstrual cycle remained steady. On one particular night Claire woke up with severe cramps in her stomach. “It feels like I am giving birth!” she screamed. Paul ran to the bathroom – Exactly in the moment that Claire was actually giving birth on the toilet. The two had no idea Claire was even pregnant!

But that was not all because Claire and Paul experienced something shocking afterwards. Watch the following video if you want to see what it is. Do not forget to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook!