You Can Also Use Dishwashing Tablets for These 5 Household Jobs

Of course as the name suggests, dishwashing tablets are used for dishwashing. But if you thought this is their only purpose in life, think again. Because they are very useful for all kinds of household jobs. So it is a shame using them for dishwashing only. Quickly visit the next page, and find out about the other purposes dishwashing tablets can be used for. I know for sure this will be something you did not think of before.



One of the most annoying household jobs is cleaning your fryer. The excess fat on the inside often will not let go. Fortunately, a dishwashing tablet will help you solve this problem in the blink of an eye. Fill up the empty fryer up to three-quarters with (hot) water, and add a dishwashing tablet. Also do not remove the fryer basket. Turn on the fryer to no more than 90 degrees for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off afterwards using some hot water. Extra tip: frying odours might be released while cleaning the fryer, so do not forget to open up a window.


Cooking odours torment many households on a regular basis, especially if you fancied deep-frying fish or have been using your raclette set. A perfectly easy way to get rid of those smells is to use a dishwashing tablet. The only thing you need to do is to take a larger pan, add a decent amount of water, put your pan on a medium flame and add a dishwashing tablet. The cooking odours will be absorbed by the pan with water and your house will smell good once again. To find out what else you might want to use dishwashing tablets for, quickly visit the next page!

Brownish deposit

Tea lovers are perfectly aware of this problem: the ugly brownish deposit that remains in teapots and glasses. No matter how hard you try to get them clean, removing those stains easily is something of a challenge. But, things are about to change thanks to dishwashing tablets. Pour some boiling water into your teapot, add a dishwashing tablet and divide the water over your tea glasses. Allow to soak for one hour and rinse thoroughly. The brownish deposit will disappear in the blink of an eye!

Yellow stains

Another annoying stain to remove: yellow stains in white t-shirts for example. These yellowish sweat patches are very hard to get rid of, especially around the armpits. One dishwashing table will be your lifesaver. All you have to do is add a dishwashing tablet to the washing machine. Pick your regular washing programme and your clothes will be spotless once again!


Is there food sticking to your pan and is it very hard to get rid of?
A dishwashing tablet will do the trick. Put the pan with dried-on food on the stove. Add some water and a dishwashing tablet. Set your stove to a medium flame and allow to boil for a few minutes. Now clean your pan with some water and a sponge or a dishwashing brush to make it look new again!