11 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported more than 14 million new cases of cancer… which resulted in more than 8.2 million deaths worldwide. They expect these numbers to increase over the next twenty years by a shocking 70% globally! Today, it seems like doctors say that everything causes cancer – it’s hard to decide what to really stay away from.

We all know that malign diseases cause a huge number of deaths across the globe every year. Indeed, millions of people each year are diagnosed with different types of cancer: skin, breast, oral, colon, ovarian, lung, bladder, and other types of cancers. While you think you made the right choice for your health by drinking diet sodas or low-calorie popcorn, you’re actually eating some of the worst cancer-causing foods out there.


While you may be thinking “Everything causes cancer, so why bother,” the 11 products listed below have been scientifically shown to increase the risk of developing cancer. The truth is, there’s no better treatment than prevention. You can take action today, allowing you to protect your future health.

1. Canned Tomatoes


While fresh tomatoes are actually considered to be very good for your health and help to prevent cancer, the canned ones are not. Actually, most canned foods can be a concern because of the material the can is made of. The lining of almost all canned foods are made with a chemical called bisphenol-A or BPA. Studies show that BPA affects the way genes work inside the brain.

This is manufacturers are trying to either replace or mnimize the amounts of BPA found in canned foods. Tomatoes are considered to be exeptionally dangerous due to their high level of acidity, which seems to cause BPA to leech from the can into the tomatoes. Our advise to you is, avoid cans and cook fresh or buy glass bottles.

2. Soda


Research shows that people who consume more than one soda per day have a higher risk of stroke than people who don’t drink sodas. These drinks are full of sugar and are an empty source of calories that cause weight gain and are one of the main reasons for developing obesity.

Drinking large amounts of soda cause your blood sugar to spike which can result to both inflammation and insulin resistance. These beverages also contain a load of artificial colorings and food chemicals like derivative 4-methlylimidazole (4-MI). No wonder soda pop has been shown to be very bad for your health and cause cancer.

3. Potato Chips


Potato chips are great. They are cheap, great tasting and are the perfect quick snack. However, the negative effects they have on your body may not be worth it. The snack is high in both fat and calories, which will definitely result in weight gain. Additionally, potato chips are full of trans-fats which can cause high cholesterol and they have excessive sodium levels which for many people, cause high blood pressure and this is not all.

Potato chips have artificial flavors, numerous preservatives and colors. All chemicals that your body really doesn’t need. We know that is hard to stay away from potato chips but luckily, there are some alternatives. By buying baked potato chips, tortilla chips,whole weat pretzels, baked appel chips or even banana chips you provide your body with a much healthier option while still keeping the benefits of potato chips.

4. Processed Meats


You might wonder what type of meats are considered to be processed. This is a very long list that includes, sausages, hot dogs, bacon and most lunch meats. Study shows that the excessive amounts of salt and chemicals that are used when making processed meats are extremely damaging to your health and can increase the risk of early death.

All these processed meats contain large amounts of chemicals and preservatives, including sodium, which make them, look appealing and fresh even when they are not. We advise you to only eat fresh meats instead of the processed ones.

5. Alcohol


Alcohol use is the second leading cause of cancer, right behind tobacco. While a moderate or low consumption of alcohol can be healthy and lead to a reduced risk of heart disease, excessive drinking is known to cause heart failure, stroke, and sudden death.

In 2007, the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer studied the scientific evidence regarding cancer and alcohol use from 27 different studies. They found sufficient evidence to state that excessive alcohol use is the main cause of mouth, esophagus, liver, colon, mouth, rectum, and female breast cancers. You can still enjoy that glass of wine with dinner, but, for your health’s sake, don’t drink more than one.

6. Diet Anything


Diet foods, including frozen foods, or prepackaged foods that are labeles as “diet” or “low fat”, including sodas, contain aspartame. This is a chemical, artificial sweetener that we have mentioned before in this list. Many studies show that aspartame causes many diseases and sicknesses such as cancer and heart problems.

All foods that are labelled as low fat or diet, are chemically processed and made from refined ingredients, excessive sodium levels and artificial colors and flavor to make them taste good.  super Always keep in mind that artificial food or beverage are NOT real food! Be smart and eat nature’s own, natural “diet” food; vegetables and fruits!

7. Highly processed white flours


You are probably already aware of the fact that white flour is not a good thing, but you most likey don’t really know how bad it actually is for your health. Nowadays, mills don’t longer wait for their flour to whiten with time. but they bleach flour with a chemical called chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is a dangerous irritant that is not supposed to be inhaled and in largue amounts can even be lethal.

White flour can be found in many processed foods and has a very high glycemic rate which raises the blood sugar and insulin levels. This can be a direct cause of diabetes and it is believe that it can spread cancer cells. Cancerous tumors feed mostly on the sugars in your bloodstream. By avoiding white flour, you can avoid, or at least, starve tumors.

8. Foods that are highly salted, pickled, or smoked


These products typically contain preservatives, such as nitrates which are intend to make them look appealing for as long as possible. The additives used in processed food can pile up in your body over time and eventually damage the cellular levels and lead to cancer. Smoked fods are even worse fo you, when they are cooked in high temperatures, the nitrates are converted to the much more dangerous kind of nitrites.

Although nitrates do not cause cancer of themselves, under certain conditions these chemicals can chance inside of your body into N-nitroso composites. These composites are associated with a great increase of the risk of developing cancer. There are an overwhelming amount of studies that show that eating these types of food will greatly increase the risk of colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.

9. Hydrogenated Oils


Let’s start by saying that all hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils. Vegetable oils cannot be extracted naturally but have to be chemically removed from their source. To make them look appealing manufacturers frequently add color and scent. All vegetable oils contain high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids. An excess of these acids can cause various health problems, such as heart disease and skin cancer.

To keep your body in good health, you need a good balance of both Omega 3 and Omega 6. You can do this in the form of Omega-3 supplements or consuming fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel. Hydrogenated oils are used to preserve processed foods and keep them looking fresh for longer. Hydrogenated oils have an impact on our cell membranes’ structure and flexibility, which is linked to cancer.

10. Refined Sugars


Refined sugars do not only highly increase your insulin levels but they are also the most prefereable food for cancer cells, therefore promoting their growth. Tumors and cancers both use sugars to “feed” and to increase in size.

In order to grown and reproduce, cancer cells seem to prefer feeding on frustoce-rich sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup. Foods like cakes, pies, cookies, sodas, juices, cereals, and many other popular items are loaded with refined sugars so it shoudn’t come as a surprise that you should stay away from them.

11. Microwave Popcorn

microwave popcorn

I really hate to be the one to tell you this, but even if microwave popcorn is extremly convenient, it can be very dangerous to your health. It is not even only about the popcorn itself but the microwave bags are lined with a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid , a chemical that is linked to infertility in women. Numerous studies show that exposure to PFOA increases the risk of kidney bladder, liver, pancreas and testicular cancer.

Now, let’s discuss the content. Although every manufacturer uses different ingredients, most of them use soy bean oil, as well as multiple preservatives such as propyl gallate. This is a chemical that is known for causing stomach problems and skin rashes.