She Throws Denture Tablets In To The Toilet Bowl. Why? You’ll Be Amazed!

To clean your toilet bowl, using baking soda is a very effective method. Just scatter some baking soda in your toilet bowl. Afterwards, add a bit of vinegar. Flush and your toilet will be sparkling clean in no time.

Coca-cola is also a very effective method to use for cleaning your toilet. You probably didn’t expect this but just try it and you will see for yourself. Just pour some coke in your toilet bowl and scrub it with your toilet brush.

toilet bowl

Cleaning vinegar is also a good product to use for cleaning your toilet. Just pour a bit in the toilet bowl and brush it clean using your toilet brush. Let it sit for a couple of hours and flush afterwards. Your toilet will be as new!

Denture Tablets: Throw 2 denture tablets in your toilet bowl. Wait until they start to fizz and add a bit of water. Clean the bowl with a toilet brush.

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