He Places 66,000 coffee cups filled with water in a row. When the Camera Zooms-Out? Incredible!

Meet artist Belo. He created the world’s largest mosaic art piece by using 66,000 coffee cups filled with water to address the crisis of clean water around the globe. The result is magnificent!

Along with the gorgeous mosaic art piece, this project also got him a world record. Belo used 66,000 organic coffee cups filled with 15,000 liters of rain water to complete this incredible art piece. Of course he did not do it alone – together with 99 other people, he spend 62 hours completing this project.


The result is magnificent and it also has an important environmental message that we can all learn from. We probably would not have the patience to complete a project like this but it truly is incredible. Watch this beautiful creation of coffee cups in the video below and do not forget to share this article with your friends and family on Facebook if you are just as impressed with Belo’s gigantic master piece as we are!