The Color Of Your Period Blood Says A Lot About Your Health

Our monthly period: most women are not eagerly awaiting it. Menstruation is often associated with pain, ailments and a potential limitation of your activities, eating snacks and then we haven’t even gotten to the most difficult part: changing sanitary towels, tampons or cups. Despite the fact that many women are not looking forward to it, there is a positive side for some women; you know that you are not pregnant. Even though this is a heartbreaking reality for others.


If you have a regular cycle, i.e. every 28 days, you know that your hormone levels are balanced. Do you regularly look at your blood during your period? Many people don’t do this, but if you read this article you will find out that this is definitely worth it. By only looking at the colour of your menstrual blood you can learn something important about your health. On the next page, you can read all about the colour of your period and what this could mean for your health.