The Most Common Tablet Repairs You Can Do Yourself

4 tips to limit any further damage

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Now a days, our lives are quite easy: we carry almost everything we need in our pant pockets or laptop bags. The minute one of these devices breaks down however, a rather big problem arises for a lot of us. Fact of the matter is, it can happen to anyone! Whether you’ve dropped your tablet and broken the screen, spilled water on it, or even if it simply won’t recharge… Here are 4 tips to limit any further damage.

1. Save your tablet
Before you do anything else, it’s time to limit the damage. Did you spill liquid or did your laptop submerge in water? First, gently dry the outside of the tablet, unplug external devices, turn off the power and place it in a bowl of dried rice for 24 hours.
Is the screen broken? Ensure that none of the broken pieces can cause damage or bruising.
Do not attempt to the take the tablet apart yourself as this usually tends to cause more problems.

2. Check your warranty
After limiting the damage, it’s best to check the purchase date of your device. It may still be under warranty. Again, do not try to attempt to fix the issue yourself as this may void the warranty causing you to pay for any repairs needed. Warranties are issued by both the store of purchase as well as the manufacturer. Be aware of which warranty was issued where so that you may contact them accordingly when submitting a claim.

3. Back up
You may be worried about the files you had stored on your now, damaged device. It is important to back up all your files especially when when having a device repaired or replaced. If you have an account on iCloud or OneDrive, chances are you already have a backup. Another option is to save your documents manually, either by saving the files online or by moving them to your computer using a USB extension cable. Please note however in case of liquid damage, it is best to leave the tablet (device) disconnected and ask for a professional to help back up any documents.

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4. Look at repair options
Unless you are familiar with technology and electronics, we advice you not to try your hand at repairing a broken device yourself. Fortunately, there are quite a few stores and companies that do professional repairs. Prices are often listed online. For example, you may look for someone to repair an iPad, which can be done within 30 minutes. Do bare in mind that repairing a broken device can be quite expensive. One of the reason being that certain parts are often difficult to find, in these cases you might be better off purchasing a new device.