You Think It’s Just A Regular Garage, But Wait Until You See The Inside

When thinking of a shed or a garage, you would picture a muzzy, stale and often damp room that is used to park the car, the bicycle, or just for storing all the bits and pieces you do not want inside the house and would prefer to keep out of sight. But could you imagine actually living in one?


Buying an apartment or other living space can be quite expensive, so why not build a cosy place inside your own shed? A few French architects succeeded in converting an ordinary garage into a warm living space. The total costs came to 35,000 euro. Why would you spend loads of money on a new apartment when you can just as easily build one in your own garage?

When you open the garage door, it suddenly gets interesting…


You wouldn’t immediately think of the possibility that you could make a cosy and rather beautifully decorated living space out of this…


This living space would be ideal for chilling with friends, as an extra bed- or guestroom, or simply as a nice extra living space you could let out to tourists.


It might actually be a good idea to let your imagination run wild, you never know what you would come up with . They have even thought of a cooking facility.


The owner of this seemingly ordinary garage was able to give it a rather amazing make over, and the results are certainly extraordinary!


I was starting to worry that there was no bed…