Get to Know the Top 5 Largest Hotel Chains in the World

A quick guide to the world’s 5 largest hotel companies

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Spending a night in a hotel is the ultimate luxury for many people. Weekends away, long holidays or around-the-world trips: a night in a hotel always comes in handy. The hotel industry knows that, too. That’s why there are a number of gigantic hotel chains with hotels all over the world. Do you want to know which chains have the most hotels? Then read this top 5.

5. Choice Hotels – 6,627 locations
Choice Hotels got their start with a system similar to Best Western. Choice Hotels became a chain because seven different hotels used each other as references. This increased the number of bookings and it became clear that a chain is more accessible than a stand-alone hotel. Choice Hotels now comprises more than 6,000 different establishments across multiple brands (including Ascend, Comfort Inn).

4. Marriott International – 6,717 locations
This hotel chain is also originally American. Today, the head office is still in the state of Maryland. The Marriott company started in 1927, when John Willard Marriott decided to open a cart where he sold soft drinks. They later turned small shops and the Marriott brand grew into a restaurant chain. It was only in the 1950s when the company opened its first hotel. That was a success, because Marriott International is now an indispensable part of the hotel world.

3. Jin Jiang International – 7,000 locations
This hotel chain is not run by private individuals, but by the Chinese state. It is one of the largest Chinese hotel chains with more than 380 hotels in the country itself. The rest of the establishments are spread all over the world, so the Chinese state earns some nice pocket money with this hotel chain.

2. Wyndham Worldwide – 9,221 locations
Wyndham Worldwide not only offers comfortable hotel rooms. The company also has several holiday homes, apartments, and facilitates home exchange for holidaymakers. The hotel is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and employs more than 40,000 people from all over the world. Some of the chains famous brands are Days Inn and Super 8. People who have been to America will certainly know these hotels!


1. OYO – 10,000 locations
All of the hotel chains on this list are Chinese, French or American, except the number 1. OYO is from India and has more than 8,500 hotels in India and surrounding countries. In addition, you can also find OYO hotels in the United Kingdom. OYO’s success mainly comes from offering budget rooms. largest hotel chains in the world.