He Pours A Bottle Of Vinegar Into The Toilet. The Result? It Worked Better Than I Could Ever Imagine

Nobody likes a toilet with nasty stains and lime residue. Most of the time it is a real hassle to remove these stains from your toilet, but luckily I have found a great and easy solution to this problem!

The most common cause for these stains to appear – hard water. Hard water buildup because of the amount of calcium in the water. It basically has to do with two substances – calcium and magnesium. When the water dries up the substances remain and that is the direct cause of these ugly stains that appear on your ceramic surfaces (especially in your bathroom and kitchen). If you are done with having to look at these stains on your toilet, the best thing that you can do to remove them is by using vinegar.


When you think about vinegar, you mostly think of a product that is directly linked to food. I know I use it to prepare a lot of meals, don’t you? However, did you know that you can use vinegar for a lot of other things around the house? You can even use vinegar to clean your toilet and other ceramic surfaces and, at the same time, get rid of all lime residue. Maybe this method is not one of the fastest ways to clean, it is definitely one of the most effective.

This is what you should do: 

Pour a bit of vinegar in your toilet. Clean the corners of your toilet by using the toilet brush. Let the vinegar sit in your toilet overnight and the next morning you will only have to flush and all of the lime residue will be gone! Make sure that you open a window when you work with vinegar because you are probably already familiar with the strong smell. By using this trick you’ll never have to deal with lime residue again!

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