How To Fix Car Scratches Fast

Cars get scratched. Unfortunately, that’s part of car ownership. Scratches are easy to get, but fixing a car scratch is another story. Thankfully, I’m about to save you a couple hundred dollars on shop expenses and show you how you can go about with fixing a car scratch with a can of WD40. Keep in mind this hack won’t work for quite severe scratches. However, it will likely take care of all minor to moderate ones.

remove car scratches

Remove Car Scratches Easily

All you need for this trick is a can of WD-40 and a rag/paper towel. You probably have both in your garage right now. So we all know by now that WD-40 is pretty magical. It can remove carpet stains, shine stainless steel, remove stickers and even clean your walls. Now we’re hearing it can get rid of scratches on our cars. Sound unlikely? We were pretty skeptical, too. But after we saw how the guy in the video used WD-40 to get rid of the scratches on his car, we were amazed. Continue reading on the next page to discover how he managed to get rid of car scratches using WD-40!