This is why you should always eat a kiwi WITH the skin!

Kiwi fruit is delicious. It’s a fruit that grows almost exclusively in New Zealand but also in California, Italy and South Africa. It’s actually one of my favorite fruits. It’s a rare treat to find kiwi in some parts of the world. Kiwi is rich in polyphenols, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Kiwi is one of the top 10 highest vitamin c containing foods on the planet. Coming in right around number 5.


I’ve been eating kiwis as long as I can remember and have always peeled them. That’s how my mom gave them to me when I was little and how I continued to do it ever since. But have you ever wondered if it’s safe (and actually possible) to eat the skin of a kiwi? We at Factaholics did some research and found out that if you want to get the most out of the fruit, then you should eat the skin as well. Coninue reading on the next page to find out WHY it is so healthy to eat it’s skin and how you do it correctly.