The Most Amazing RV In The World – Wait Until You See the Inside!

Meet the EleMMent Palazzo, a luxurious camper that is for sale for, be prepared, 2 million dollars! But for this amount, you get a mobile home that stands out from anything else. This camper is, given its overwhelming price tag, only suitable for the richer people among us. The futuristic design of the camper is no match for the breathtaking interior that has been finished down to the smallest details.


The camper contains a 40 inch television, a balcony, a monumental bedroom, an extremely luxurious bathroom, underfloor heating and a bar with lounge area. What more do you want? This camper has more luxury than many hotelsuites! If I had such a thing, I would never go home again. Another nice fact: the camper can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h. Watch the inside of this luxurious camper in the video below. If you ever get the chance to buy this camper, would you do it?