A Man Poured Molten Aluminum On An Ant Colony. What Happened Next Totally Blew My Mind.

When you are walking in the forest, you will probably encounter them sometimes: anthills. And it gets even worse when they are red ants and you accidentally stand in their nest. Ouch! I think everyone has ever experienced this. Fire ants live in the south of the United States. The ants can sting a lot and have been introduced from South America in the early twentieth century. In the US, they are considered as an invasive species that form a plague for many gardens. But you can not see what is hidden under such an anthill. How do you find out…?


The solution: pour liquid aluminum into the upper opening of the empty ant nest, dig it out and you will encounter a fascinating system of corridors and rooms. Nevertheless, the artist got a lot of criticism about his work due to this video. Under his video, which has more than 28 million views, people responded with comments like what would you do if I poured molten aluminum into your house? Whatever your opinion is, the aluminum that remains shows how complex nature can be in a beautiful way.

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