Never Ignore These 5 Warning Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

What causes vitamin B12 deficiency?

vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 is really powerful and essential for the proper functioning of the brain, DNA production, nerve and blood cells and a healthy immune system. It is found in animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs and shellfish. Therefore, a vitamin B12 shortage, when left untreated, can cause severe blood diseases and neurological problems.

Vitamin B12 deficiency concerns the lowered levels of this vitamin in the blood. It manifests itself through many signs and symptoms, some of which concern psychological and emotional health. The most common symptom cause is decreased intake, the use of certain medication, genetics, malnutrition, poor absorption in the stomach or intestines, chronic gastritis, intestinal parasites and more. We state the 5 most common warning signals of vitamin B12 deficiency on the next page.