We Had No Idea: THIS Is The Healthiest Tea To Drink

We can drink it at any time of the day: a nice cup of tea. Green tea, rooibos tea or a cup of Earl Gray: all are equally tasty. Tea is also a great way to meet your daily fluid needs, especially if you are done with regular water every now and then. Certain types of tea also have good effects on your health. Below we’ve listed some of the healthiest teas!


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Green tea
We have known for a long time that green tea is good for you. It works cholesterol-lowering, has an antibacterial effect, helps to speed up your metabolism, reduces nausea, promotes sleep and much more. And it is still tasty too!

Ginger tea
Ginger is a true wonderneck. It works great against nausea, bloating, stomach and intestinal complaints and has blood pressure lowering properties. It also contributes to a strong immune system, ideal during the flu season. Ginger also helps sensitive and aching muscles, whether you have a headache or muscle pain after exercising. Slice off a piece of ginger and let it infuse for a few minutes in hot water: delicious! Delicious with a spoonful of honey.

Dandelion tea
Do you want to lose a few pounds? Dandelions are your best friend. Dandelion tea contributes to the drainage of excess fluid in your body and this is often what makes you feel heavier and bloated. In addition, it helps with your general metabolism and is conducive to your digestion.

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