Pick a Feather To Find Out What It Reveals About Your Personality

Did you ever wonder just how boring the world would be if we all looked the same? Fortunately, the only thing we all have in common is the fact that we are all different. Everyone’s personality develops differently. Even when there are similarities, still, no two people are entirely the same. Various personalities have been identified and categorised in accordance with various parameters.

Certain psychological researchers used the colour and shape theory to achieve this. They developed a simple test to determine your personality. All you have to do is, choose one of the five feathers shown in the illustration. Your choice determines your type. Examine the five feathers in the above illustration, carefully observe their colour and shape. To which one are you most attracted? Once you’re sure you have chosen your favourite, you are ready to read the result that will reveal the secrets of your personality.


Feather no. 1
Peace and harmony are absorbed into your surroundings. You like things to be peaceful and you like peaceful people because you identify as peaceful too. You have a noble soul and you like to help people out. You never say no when asked to help. You have no problem getting along with others but you prefer like-minded folks with the same interests. Some people think you are weak but the reality is, you know how to be friends with everyone. You have lots of friends due to your capacity to be responsible and friendly.

Feather no. 2
Things just ‘fit’ you and you’re a quick learner. You’re a perfectionist and will always try to give your best. However, you also expect this from others. You are very intelligent and pertinacious. You can also enjoy time spent with friends but regularly feel isolated because you like to spend time alone – time spent learning more about yourself. This is no bad thing but you must ensure that those around you know how important they are to you. Your aloofness tends to define you, but you don’t act this way on purpose.

Feather no. 3
You are an independent type. You always follow your dreams, your goals, which can be risky. You’re adventurous. If you trip up, you soon get up again. You take but small account of misfortunes because you know they are experiences that will make you bigger, stronger and smarter. The only area needing attention is your choice of friends. You know how to be nice to everyone and this gives you the qualities that could make you a great leader.

Feather no. 4
Your strong personality sets you apart. You are very imaginative and possess great adroitness at solving problems. You always look for the best solution. Not everyone appreciates you from the start because your personality is overwhelming and domineering, but once they know you better and understand you more, things change. Thanks to your strong, imposing personality you will easily be noticed. It’s not easy to take you for a ride and you always have good a reason for all you do. You are hard on yourself and are a perfectionist. You need to remember though, perfection is not always possible, so just enjoy every moment, every mistake and every experience. and learn from it all. Relax. It’s life.

Feather no. 5
You are an impressively creative artist with great imagination. You often have very little self-confidence in your abilities and this hinders growth. You have to realise, this is pure anxiety and you need to master it. Your eye for detail is great. You are a perfectionist constantly giving your very best and you expect the same from others.