Pick A Shell And Find Out What It Reveals About Your Personality

Which shape are you attracted to?

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the choices someone makes and the preferences someone has. This way, you can also learn a lot about yourself by looking at which shape of seashell you automatically feel attracted to. You often feel attracted to certain colors and shapes without thinking about it.

personality test

However, the unconscious motivation behind that choice reveals a number of essential things about your character and motives. You should not over-analyze it in advance, because then you start to consciously think about your choice. You pick the shell that catches your eye first, not the one you notice after giving it some thought. So, look at the picture and determine in a split-second which you think is most beautiful, no matter the reason!

Which seashell did you choose? See below what it reveals about your personality:

Seashell 1: If your intuition has led you to this seashell, it means that you have been through a difficult time or are currently going through one. However, the trials you have gone through have made you a wiser and stronger person. You can put things into perspective better than the average person. You are looking for protection, which is why you opted for the prickly exterior of this seashell. You want to feel safe and secure.

Seashell 2: This seashell has a very symmetrical and uniform appearance. You are a person who has a great need for structure in everyday life and you are always looking for balance. You are a perfectionist and do not like it when things are being rushed. You become stressed when things do not go smoothly and orderly. You are someone who always has a to-do list at the ready and who excels at planning and organising things.

Seashell 3: This seashell has a beautiful smooth finish but is full of cracks and has a sharp serrated edge. You are someone who forgives but does not quickly forget. You are probably holding onto something and that keeps you in its grip. It would be best for you to let it go since you are only hurting yourself. You have trouble keeping others close to you and are quick to build a wall around yourself.

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