Here’s How Easily Someone Can Steal Your ATM Pin Code Without You Noticing And How To Prevent This From Happening

It already is stressful enough when your wallet gets stolen. But did you know that there is a new way for thieves to get your PIN? This can happen when you use any type of pin-machine without you even noticing. The only thing they need is an Iphone with a thing called a Flir One – a case with a build-in thermal camera.

Only a couple of years ago, researchers found out how you can use an infrared camera to easily find out your PIN. However, at that time these special camera’s where big and expensive but not anymore. Nowadays you can attach an infrared camera on your smartphone. The trick is very simple – when you insert your PIN you leave warmth, this one the Flir One can see exactly what buttons you press. This might sound scary but please continue reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself from this type of theft.

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In the following video Rober explains to us how this method works and how you can protect yourself from it. Please do not forget to share this video with your friends and family so that everyone is aware of this new type of theft. This way we can help each other to lead a safer life!