Mom Goes To Reveal Her Pregnant Belly, But Watch When She Lifts Up Her Shirt

When Adrien and Stephanie were told  by the obstetrician that they were pregnant with twins, they decided to announce their pregnancy in a very original and special way.

The future parents-to-be created a beautiful timelapse that consisted of every important moment of their pregnancy. In a fun way they show how Stephanie’s stomach grew and eventully we get to see their newborn babies; Leo and Chloe. The couple use the fact that they live in France to their benefit and use the Eiffeltower as the background to their video. Can it be even more beautiful? We have seen a lot of timelapses of pregnancy here, but this one is definitely the best one. It is just simply great!

zwangerschap zwanger verloskundige

This video is a sweet and nice dedication to two beautfiul newborn babies. We wish this family all the luck in the world. Watch the video below and enjoy the creation of this beautiful timelapse. Do not forget to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook if you enjoyed it as much as we have!