Husband Films Pregnant Wife In The Kitchen, But They Freak Out When THIS Happens!

You have probably already seen Miley Cyrus ‘twerk’, but have you seen an 8 month pregnant woman do it? I can honestly tell you that this is definitely the first time that I have ever seen anything like this, and the ending? Well I really did not see that one coming..

The video starts with a couple just hanging out at home. At one point the man tells his wife to put away the mop, stop cleaning for a bit and just have fun and relax. However, she doesn’t necessarily agree.. She asks him to put on a song of his liking. He chose to play the suitable song “No Ordinary Love.” “You know that I am recording this right?” he says. “Yes, and you totally should be”, she replies confidently and starts to dance in a sexy and seductive manner.


She shows us her most incredible moves – that incredible that you really did not expect what happens at the end. What that is exactly? Just see for yourself in the video below!