Psychologists Warn: Never Say These 5 Phrases to Your Children

Five phrases that you should never say to your child:

1. Big boys/girls are never afraid!
This is just not true and you know it. If you say this, your children will only become afraid to show their feelings. You have to support your children and explain to them that there is nothing they need to be afraid of, given that they are safe and secure.

2. You are not as beautiful/good/smart as you should be!
This is a big mistake because you make your children insecure and they will think they are not good enough. Instead, you have to teach your children to love themselves.

3. Stop crying immediately!
We all have the right to show how we feel, so if they want to cry, let them cry without shouting at them. Instead, ask them why they are crying and give them a hug.

4. Why is it so difficult to _____?
If you ask this, your child will feel unworthy and unable to do something right. Instead, show your children how they should do things.

5. I can’t believe you did that!
It is very selfish to need your child to feel bad because you are disappointed. Still, you have to explain to your child what they did wrong and why.

We hope that this advice will help you create a better bond with your children and make it easier, but be aware that being a parent is the hardest thing to do. Parents make mistakes and will always continue to make mistakes. They can only try to learn from their mistakes and not to repeat them.