This Is Why You Should Put Crumpled Ball Of Aluminium Foil In Your Dryer

It sounds strange but this trick is definitely worth a shot

If there is one household job that we are constantly faced with, it is doing the laundry. By the time you`ve got through the mountain of laundry (and matched up pairs of socks), there`s another pile ready for you to wash. No, doing the laundry is not fun. Fortunately, we can make the job a bit easier by adding an aluminum foil ball to your dryer.

Aluminium foil in the washer/dryer

Putting aluminum foil in your washing machine or dryer cannot cause any damage to either machine. Now of course you want to know why you would do it. Well, there is a very good reason. A ball of aluminium foil ensures that your clothes are no longer static after a wash. The foil absorbs the static electricity.

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Smart trick

Especially when your household consists of several people, such as children who regularly come home with dirty clothes, it is possible that the washing machine runs several times a week. Tips for doing the laundry are therefore welcome. The Mom Hacks channel has made a video in which she shares tips to make the laundry a bit easier. On the next page, read which instructions you should follow.

A ball of aluminium foil

Would you like to try the aluminum foil trick? Then make three balls of that shiny foil from about the size of your hand. Put your wet clothes in the dryer and set the machine on the same program as you would normally do and add the balls. The balls can be used several times and you do not have to throw them away after a wash. If you have pressed the balls well, you can use them for six months. Watch the video below for more handy tricks!