After Reading This, You’ll Never Put Toilet Paper On A Toilet Seat Again.

It is well known that public toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria. We prefer to avoid these places, but sometimes you need to go to the toilet so bad that there will be no other choice than to go to a public toilet. Imagine that you are driving your car and you have to go to the toilet incredibly bad. Once you have arrived at a gas station, you will get the fright of your life when opening the toilet door.

Many of us then put a little toilet paper on the toilet seat as a solution to create a barrier between your buttocks and the toilet seat. This seems to be the ideal solution. At least, you would think so. But nothing is less true, because this is not the most effective way to avoid bacteria. However, this is perhaps the worst way.

Toilet bowls are in fact designed in a very clever way. For a long time most people thought that the toilet seats were a breeding ground for bacteria and other filthiness. But due to their shape and particularly smooth surface, toilet seats ensure that bacteria can not develop any further. Continue reading on the next page to find out why you should never put toilet paper on a toilet seat again!

In addition, bacteria can not multiply on the bare skin, so only contact with the toilet seat is not bad at all. Toilet paper, on the other hand, is a completely different story. It is generally known that almost no one puts down the toilet seat after use. As a result, the bacteria will spread through the room and nestle in toilet paper.

The surface of the paper makes it extra easy for bacteria to nest on it. The same applies to the faucet and hand dryers. The faucet is used just after the act, and is then touched again after the hands have been washed. So next time you have to use a dirty toilet: The toilet paper may be even dirtier than the toilet seat itself! In the video below, you will see more reasons why you should never put toilet paper on the toilet seat.