How to Remove Dangerous Mold and Nasty Odors From Your Washing Machine

Have you noticed that your clothing is not smelling as fresh as it should be after you take them out of your washing machine? Then, there is a good chance that you need to clean your dirty washing machine. You can mostly recognize this if you see small black spots in the washing powder compartment or between the rubber rings. These black spots are actually mold and can make you very sick. Does this sound familiar? Then I say it is time for action!


The washing machine is the perfect place for mold and other fungus to grow because it is a place of high humidity and heat. When you don’t remove this mold, you will continue to do your laundry and adding mold to the water! Like that is not bad enough, by leaving the fungus in your washing machine it can spread throughout the rest of your home through the air.

I am sure this is not the most pleasant of thoughts, and that is why we have found a very effective trick to get rid of the mold in your washing machine. Luckily, this trick is very easy and also very cheap because you only need one ingredient!

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