It Looks Like A Regular Camper But Wait Until You See What It Can Do

Sure this retro camper looks great but is it also handy? Judge for yourself after you have seen all that this amazing thing can do! In the following video, the owner of the camper will give you a little tour of this sweet ride. You can relax on the bed and even open multifunctional compartments.

Who would have thought?! I am sure that after you have finished this video, you will want one of your own. After I saw how many different things it could do I really needed to have it. The camper is designed to provide travelers everything that they need for a road trip or even a short weekend away.

camper reizen

The camper is equipped with a water tank, a waste tank and is made entirely out of wood. The vehicle also has an anti-theft device and a so called ‘SOS panic button’, to provide owners with a sense of safety. The camper, better known as The Gadget, also has a build-in fully functional kitchen.

You can enjoy a view of the stars due to the skylight installed in the roof, watch television and enjoy a game or movie night with your friends and family. Oh and before I forget, you can sleep comfortably in an amazing queen size bed. Watch the video below and enjoy your tour. I am sure, you will not believe your eyes!

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