Secret Fears 90% of Men Never Talk About

Have you ever thought about the fact that men also regularly worry about things such as looks, money and weight loss? 4 researchers discovered the five most common fears of a man during a large-scale research into relationships.


1. What their body looks like

The biggest fear of men is that someone calls them beer belly. Men spend a lot of time in the gym to prevent a beer belly. Men also look at bodies of other men in magazines as comparison material.

2. Money

Money is one of the most popular reasons why men are worried. They are being raised as future bread winners. Men think that money is the basis of a relationship, but care and attention are much more important to women. Men do not use money so much to impress women. They do, however, boast about the luxury products they can buy using this money. Men think that money and power makes them more attractive to the female gender.

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