If You See A Penny Placed In Your Car Door Handle, THIS Is What It Means!

Car thieves are always looking for new schemes for getting into your car and stealing your valuables. You may have heard of tech devices which can unlock your car, but some thieves are using a much simpler method. There have been a series of robberies using all sorts of things like 1p or 5p coins! How do they use a coin to enter your car?


Whether your car is parked in your driveway or in the car park of a shopping centre, the thief can slide a coin in the handle of the passenger door. But why? He follows you as you drive. If you then want to use your key for the central locking, it will not work as the passenger door is blocked. This is how the thief can get into your car and steal anything he wants – even the car itself, if he’s aware of the necessary know-how. Continue reading on the next page to find out how you can protect yourself and your car from thieves trying to break in!