This Is What Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

Position A: people who sit in this way are very creative and charismatic. They are spontaneous and do not think too long about decisions that they make. This occasionally puts them in trouble, but, because of their natural charm, they can also get out of trouble just as quickly. These people see life as an adventure and are open to new experiences. They are also popular and quick to make friends, but many of these contacts are very brief.

Position B: People who sit in this way are true dreamers. They have a rich imagination and can completely lose themselves in a daydream. They are very empathetic and can easily establish contact with other people, but they are sometimes quick to assume a low profile because of that. They can listen well and are deeply in touch with their feelings.


Position C: These are chaotic people who have great difficulty concentrating and sitting still. There is always something on their mind and they often speak before they consider the impact of their words. They get bored very quickly and have a short attention span. They are at their best in a fast-paced environment where they get a lot of stimulation. They are also quick to get bored when it comes to relationships. They need someone who puts up a fight.

Position D: These are often very smart people who are good at rational thinking. They are punctual, organised and neat. Their house is often spick-and-span. Everything is in its right place. They are somewhat reserved towards their surroundings and are not quick to argue. However, they are honest and they absolutely do not like gossip. They remain calm in all situations and do not easily lose sight of the overall picture.

Position E: These are particularly goal-oriented people who find their career important. They find it important to set high goals for themselves and are therefore not satisfied with less. They also set personal goals, for example in the area of ​​health and love. They are very perfectionistic, also in terms of their appearance. This sometimes causes them to always strive for more, without taking the time to consider what they already have.

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