17 Stars Who Gave Up Their Children For Adoption

Adoption is actually one of the most beautiful things possible. For people who can not have children but still want a child, this is a salvation. On the other hand, this also applies to parents with whom a child is not wanted, or in cases where the situation of the parents does not allow it. Adoption does a lot with them at a later age. Parents have not only given up their own flesh and blood for adoption, but they will have to learn to live with that for the rest of their lives, even if this is probably the best for the child. It continues to haunt them, especially on special days.

Did you know that some of Hollywood’s biggest stars were giving up their children for adoption? They did this for several reasons: they had no money to support the child, they became pregnant as a teen, or they were not married and it was before the 70s. A handful of male stars did not even know that he had a child until much later, because the mother hid the pregnancy. Most stories are very sad, although some have a happy ending. Continue reading on the next page to see the full list. You’ll be surprised about #15!