Reasons Why You Should Not Flush Toilet After Peeing! Many Do Not Know This.

What does your standard procedure look like when you go to the toilet for a number 1? Of course you first go to the toilet, sit down (or not, if you are a man) and urinate. Pretty simple, isn’t it? When you have done all this, the next step is actually quite important. Flush or don’t flush? That is the question. Here are the reasons why it might be better not to flush.

flush toilet

It is expensive
Water is expensive and the average toilet uses more than 11 liters of water when you flush. Pretty much, isn’t it? Try not to flush after number 1 a few times. It will certainly be noticeable on your next water account. If you are a bit short of cash, this is the best way to save on household costs.

It disturbs your sleep
If you are a light sleeper, chances are you get up more often to urinate at night. This may be annoying, but nothing to be worried about. You can make these visits to the toilet less disturbing by not flushing. The sound of the toilet can make you fall asleep less quickly.

It affects the water pressure and the temperature (of the water)
It happens to us all. You are enjoying a hot shower and suddenly the cold water disappears, which results in burns. Someone has used the guest toilet and has forgotten (or it did not bother him) that you were taking a shower. So why would you want to take this risk if you can also save water and money?

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