Having trouble with flies in your home? THIS handy trick will solve that problem IMMEDIATELY!

Little by little, the temperature outside is getting warmer. That means that you will finally be able to open your doors and window. Unfortunately, when you do so you will have to deal with flies and other bugs flying into your home. And I am positive that I am not the only one that thinks that there is nothing more annoying than a fly in your kitchen, garden or bedroom.

Luckily, with this handy trick you can make sure that flies will never enter your home ever again! The only ingredient that you will need is – clove. Last weekend, I have placed a bowl of water with a little bit of clove in my living room and guess what? NO FLIES TO BE FOUND! Isn’t that amazing?! I also added a bit of clove to my burning candles to spread the smell throughout my entire home. I am so happy that this really works.


Another thing that you can do; cut a lemon in have and add a bit of clove to both parts. Place them on your garden table, your balcony or even on your bedside table. The smell of clove works as a perfect insect and fly repellent. And I mean it is not that it looks bad right?

– Clove also works as a repellent for ants and wasps 

It appears that Clove is also a great product to use if you want to get rid of ants and wasps. However, I have not tried it yet so I can’t actually confirm that it works. Thus, next time that you have an annoying fly or other insect in your home, just place a bowl of water with clove or cut a lemon in half and add a bit of clove.

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