Mom Is Pregnant With Twins, But Then Doctors See Something Strange In Her Ultrasound…

When Lisa and her husband heard that they were expecting twins, they never could have imagined what kind of roller coaster they were getting themselves into. It did not take long before the parents discovered that their children were monoamniotic twins.

Monoamniotic pregnancies mean that the children have separate umbilical cords but share one placenta. The chance that this occurs with twins is only 1 percent. When Lisa was five months pregnant she had to stay at the hospital because of this rare type of pregnancy. The doctors had to take good care of her and she had to be monitored strictly. Lisa was a special case because this type of pregnancy does not happen often.


In the following video, Lisa takes us on her journey and shares her experiences with us during her pregnancy, including all of the ups and downs. It is a very emotional but truly fascinating story that is a must see for everyone, especially mothers and mothers to be.

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