She Cuts Her Window Blinds With Some Scissors. What She Does With Them Afterwards Is Super Handy!

A lot of people forget that windows are an important part of the interior of every home. But no matter how beautiful the view from your window is, at night you do want to enjoy the privacy of your own home. To create a more private atmosphere in their home, most people buy curtains or blinds. What would you say if we told you, that we found an amazing creative alternative that is not only beautiful but you can also customize to your own taste?!

Sounds great right? In the video below we will show you how to make your very own wave curtains from your old blinds. Before we saw this video we never knew that it could really be this easy! Of course, it is easier to buy wave curtains at the store, but by making your own you can customize them to your own taste. Besides, this method is a lot cheaper and also a lot of fun! These type of DIY-projects just keep you busy, am I right?!

A project like this is great for people that like to be creative and customize their own interior. It is so much nicer to have things that nobody else has don’t you think? Watch the video below, to find out what steps you need to take to create your very own wave fold blinds. It truly is amazing!

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